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Teppanyaki selections are available at LUNCH as well

Teppanyaki Menu

Vegetarian Banquet $38
Last Samurai $43
Geisha $44
Sakura $48
Shogun $51
Blue Ocean  $45
Emperor Feast $76

Teppan A La Carte

Eye-fillet $32
Lamb Rack (5pcs) $38
Cray Fish Tail (200g) $62

Teppan Group Set

Ace Special $42
Wasabi Special $45

Teppan Kids Meal
(Under 12)

Gyoza (3pcs),Steamed rice, A choice of - Teriyaki Chicken or Tender Eye-Fillet or King Salmon $25

Petit Kids Meal
(Under 6)

Gyoza (3pcs), Kara-age(3pcs),
Croquette (2pcs), Steamed rice $15

Main Dishes (from Kitchen) ...Click each menu to see details...
Comes with steamed rice and miso soup

Tempura [天ぷら]

Vegetables Tempura   $28.00

Prawn Tempura (6pcs) $28.00

Mixed Tempura (prawns(2) / fish(2) / veges) $30.00

Soft shell Crab Tempura (8pcs)    $32.00

Cutlets [カツレツ]

Chicken Cutlet    $25.00

Teriyaki [照り焼き]

Tofu Teriyaki    $22.00

Chicken Teriyaki    $26.00

Beef Teriyaki    $32.00

Pork Emperor    $25.00
tender chunks of braised pork belly with hurbs, Japanese pumkin sauce

PRAWN TRIOS    $28.00
combination of sweet chilli prawn, honey butter soy sauce prawn cutlets, prawn tempura

Sashimi [刺身] & Sushi [寿司] ...Click each menu to see details...

Rolled Sushi [巻き寿司]...Click each menu to see details...

Vegetable Tempura Roll    $15.00
seasonal vegetables tempura

California Roll    $15.00
crab meat, cucumber, mayo

Spicy California Roll    $16.00
crab meat, cucumber, spicy mayo

Salmon Roll    $15.00
fresh salmon, cucumber, mayo

Spicy Salmon Roll    $16.00
fresh salmon, mayo, spicy sauce



TERIYAKI Chicken Roll    $17.00
teriyaki chicken, cucumber

Ebi Tempura Roll    $18.00
prawn, cucumber, tempura flake

Soft Shell Crab Tempura Roll    $22.00
soft shell tempura, cucumber, mayo

Rainbow Roll    $22.00
two white fishes, tuna, salmon, eel, crab meat, cucumber, avocado, mayo

King Dragon Roll    $25.00
King prawns, eel, cucumber, avocado, sweet soy sauce, mayo