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Teppanyaki Set Menu
All courses come with Teppan Vegetables, Miso Soup, with your choice of Steamed rice or Fried rice ($3)

Vegetarian Banquet   $38
Teriyaki Edamame / Mushroom / Tofu Teriyaki

Last Samurai    $43
Teriyaki Chicken(200g) / Eye-fillet (120g)

Geisha    $44
Prawn (3pcs) / Salmon (1pc) / Teriyaki Chicken(200g)

Blue Ocean    $45
PRAWN (4pcs) / WHITE FISH (2pcs) / SALMON (1pc) / MUSSEL (3pcs)

Sakura    $48
Prawn (3 pcs) / Teriyaki Chicken (160g) / Eye-fillet (120g)

Shogun    $51
Lamb Rack (3 pcs) / Pork (120g) / Eye-fillet (120g)

Emperor Feast   $76
Prawn (3pcs) / Lamb Rack (3pcs) / Eye-fillet (120g) / Crayfish Tail (a half) 

Teppan a la carte
Does NOT come with side dishes.
Steamed rice $2, Fried rice $5, Miso soup $3, Teppan vegetables $7


Eye-fillet (200g)   $32

Lamb Rack (5 pieces)   $38

CrayFishTail (a whole)    $62

Kids Set Menu

Kids Teppan Set $25.00
Comes with steamed rice. (for under 12 year olds)
Gyoza (3pcs)

A choice of:  Teriyaki Chicken
 OR Tender Eye-Fillet
 OR King Salmon

Petit Kids Set (under 6 years old)  $15.00
GYOZA (3pcs) / KARA-AGE (3pcs) / CROQUETTE (2pcs) / STEAMED RICE

* Vegetables will be subject to seasonal variability.
* Teriyaki Sauce and Teppanyaki Sauce available in Gluten free.
* Miso soup is not recommended for shell fish allergy people.
* Ask friendly staff for availability.